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The following introduction to CCS Consumer Advocacy services is reproduced from the CCS Services page.  If you have already read this introduction, Click Here.

In today's marketplace there are many companies that take advantage of honest, trusting consumers by making exaggerated claims in their marketing and then provide either faulty products or bad service.  At one time or another we have all experienced this problem and then been frustrated to discover that there was little we could do remedy the situation.  We complained to the company and no one listened.  A lawyer was simply too expensive.  The result?  We simply settled for losing our money and didn't do business with that company again.  

We think there is a better way!  We can help you get your money back, get a new product or receive the service response you expected!  In dealing with both insurance carriers and other types of business for 12 years, we have rarely lost a fair settlement for our clients.  

Best of all, there will be NO "up front" costs to you and if we don't win your case, you will owe CCS nothing!  Our Consumer Advocacy services are available to both business and single party consumers.


    WB01691_.gif (217 bytes)  When should I use the Consumer Advocacy program?

If you have purchased a product or contract for a service from another company and the product fails or the service is poor, you should first contact the company's customer service department to request a resolution to your problem that is satisfactory to you.  Be polite, but firm in your request.

I the company refuses to assist you by replacing the product, giving you back your money or improving service, then contact us.

    WB01691_.gif (217 bytes)  Do you help both companies and private party consumers?

Yes!  We can assist you if you represent a company that has made a purchase, or if you are a private party consumer.

    WB01691_.gif (217 bytes)  What will you do to resolve my complaint?

After we understand your problem, we will contact the offending company by phone and fax to notify them that we are involved and request a timely response to your complaint.  We will effectively communicate your position and tell the company representative exactly what response they must make to satisfy your concern.  As necessary, we will involve the company's senior management, bring market pressure and regulatory agencies to bear on the matter and, with your permission and input, negotiate a satisfactory settlement.  After we reach an agreement, we will follow up with you and the company until they have honored the settlement and you are satisfied.

    WB01691_.gif (217 bytes)  Why can you help, when they won't listen to me?

In addition to our skills and experience in dealing with consumer complaints, retaining the services of a professional Consumer Advocacy service will often have a strong psychological effect on the offending company.  When we notify them of our involvement, they will know that you consider your complaint to be serious and that now it will not simply "go away".  They will also know that you have retained professional help with both the negotiating skills and understanding of market and regulatory resources that will bring unpleasant pressure on them if they continue to resist an appropriate remedy to your complaint.  They will also be thankful that you have chosen to retain a consumer advocate, rather than an attorney.  They well know that dealing with us will be less expensive than a legal defense, and if we can not reach a settlement, that you may choose litigation as your next step!

    WB01691_.gif (217 bytes)  How long will it take to resolve my complaint?

Depending on the size and complexity of your case, it may take several weeks before you are actually compensated.  However, we have found that, once you take the step of retaining an advocate, the  offending company is most often interested in moving your complaint to the "fast track" for resolution.  They know that they are now dealing with a matter that could become more serious for them.

    WB01691_.gif (217 bytes)  How much will it cost me to retain your help?

CCS Consumer Advocate services requires absolutely NO money "up front", unless you decide to retain us on a "hourly fee for service" basis.  If we decide that there is a good chance that we can win a fair settlement for you, our fee will be 25% of the negotiated settlement that we win for you.  We will be happy to discuss payment options and an hourly fee option when you contact us. 

    WB01691_.gif (217 bytes)  If we lose your case, and you gain nothing in this process, 
          there will be NO CHARGE for our services.

The most important thing to remember is that we will try hard to make sure that everybody wins in this dispute.  We want you to be fairly treated and to have a remedy to your problem that you would, very likely, not have without our involvement.  We also want the offending company to retain or regain a good reputation, minimize future customer complaints, and avoid expensive litigation. And, of course, we would like to be fairly compensated for our time!

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