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The following introduction to the Executive Personal Support concept is reproduced from the Services Overview page.  If you have already read this introduction, Click Here.

Most business owners already know well that leadership is lonely.  While it is satisfying to see the fruits of their labors over time, when the "buck stops" always at your desk it can become a daily frustration, with no one to help.  They've also found that talking it though at home is not the answer and, of course, constant "crisis management" never allows time for development.  Over the years, goals and dreams begin to fall by the side.  

Hard work and perseverance can be keys to finding the success, money and satisfaction you desire. However, the price of  poor health, not having enough time to enjoy life, strained family relationships and lessened productivity is too high.  The result will likely be less than your dream or the inability to enjoy it once you get there! 

Performers and athletes are well aware of this problem. They know they need a trainer - a coach - to help them set goals, understand their real needs, and work effectively with them to assist in making their dreams a reality!  Today, business leaders from every profession are finding that having trained a Executive Personal Support provider works for them in the same way!

    WB01691_.gif (217 bytes)  What is Executive Personal Support ?

The Executive Personal Support process is similar to consulting. However, in this instance the consultant "stays with" the client and works with them over time to help implement new skills, changes and goals, and to make sure that they really happen.  The EPS process is not therapy. EPS does not work on "issues", deal with problems of the past or work with understanding human behavior.  Knowledge in these areas may come as clients move forward toward personal and professional goals that will give them the life they really want, but it is not be the focus of an EPS relationship.

    WB01691_.gif (217 bytes)  What are the Goals of the EPS process?

  • To help clients set better personal goals or business / professional goals and then reach those goals.
  • To encourage clients to do more than they would have done on their own.
  • To challenge clients to focus better and  produce results more quickly.
  • To provide the tools, support and structure that will enable the client to accomplish more.
     WB01691_.gif (217 bytes)  Why does the Executive Personal Support process work?
  • A dynamic supportive relationship between the EPS provider and client creates a momentum which more quickly places business and personal goals within reach.
  • Better goals are set -- ones that naturally pull the client toward the goal rather than goals that require the client to push themselves to the goal.
  • The client develops new skills, and these skills translate into more success.

        WB01691_.gif (217 bytes)  How long does an EPS relationship last?

A three to six month commitment is typical, but as with any other business relationship, if the client does not feel that EPS is working for them, the process is stopped immediately.

    WB01691_.gif (217 bytes)  What are the time and fee commitments of EPS?

The EPS process is started with a 90 minute meeting to establish objectives, preferably at the client's business location.  Follow up is usually done by phone in a scheduled 30 to 45 minute call per week.  EPS session time is billed at $75 per hour, so after the first month, monthly costs are often less than $200.  As with all other CCS consulting, additional EPS phone meetings can be initiated by the client at any time.  

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