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As our web site changes, we will always notify our visitors here about new programs and pages on the CCS web site.  If you are a return visitor, we recommend that come here first!  Our What's New section will always contain hyperlinks to new material on our web site.

If you are a CCS Client, Click Here to go to the What's New section for Clients Only. 
Our "Clients Only" area includes helpful articles on a variety of risk management and insurance related topics, safety manuals, HR information, computing tips, software templates and much more!

 So what's this red Question Mark button about?


We have been working to improve communication with both clients and prospective customers, and so you are going to begin noticing this red Question Mark everywhere!  It will be on all of our website pages!

What's it for?  Well, it is a live link to a question / comment form on our web site.  It is not protected by a password, requires no special expertise to use and it will be available as fast as your browser opens!  You can think of it as a dedicated Text Message tool and it will instantly contact us where ever we are The minute that you send your question or comment, we will be reading it!  If we are not doing urgent work for a client, we will take time to answer you back within minutes!






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